Get Inspired About What You See

I had this title written down for ages, but it wasn’t until I went to Chiang Rai in June that I finally got round to thinking about it and it wasn’t hard to find something that inspired me.

The countryside in the north of Thailand is just beautiful and, living in Bangkok, I sometimes forget just how beautiful it really is.

Things to do in Thailand
Beautiful Chiang Rai

I was just awe struck at the nature around me in Chiang Rai. The greens and browns of the open fields…


Things to do in Thailand
Colours of Nature


Things to do in Thailand
Kok River running through the mountains

…rice paddies…

Things to do in Thailand
Rice paddies-not quite lush green

…trees proudly sporting their sweet and fleshy bananas and mangoes…

Things to do in Thailand
Fresh mangoes

Flowers- purple, yellow, white, red, all manner of gorgeous bright colours in every shape and form you could imagine.

Things to do in Thailand
Periwinkle Pinks

The blue skies with white fluffy clouds, clear and bright sunny days followed by the grey of a threatening storm before the clouds burst and the earth drowned under a barrage of rain.

Things to do in Thailand
Blue Skies
Things to do in Thailand
Grey skies and rainbows

Birds-swooping and diving looking for their next meal or chattering to one another in the branch of a nearby tree.

Things to do in Thailand
On the wing
Things to do in Thailand
A resting sparrow

It was the beginning of the season and the land around me was brown and dying because of the lack of rain, but the changing face of nature will soon transform the environment into brilliant green and lush landscapes once more.

Things to do in Thailand
Brown fields, soon to be sprouting with new rice shoots
Things to do in Thailand

Green is my favourite colour and you can see it all around. Chlorophyll, responsible for all manner of greens; brilliant, emerald, forest, moss and jungle-all green, all different hues and values, in varying amounts, different forms, different shapes and sizes and all combine to form something that should be appreciated.


It wasn’t only the colours of nature that inspired me, the sounds of nature both inspired and impressed me. I sat outside my room in the evening and became aware of insects playing their nightly song, all in sync. Midges buzzing, singing cicadas, croaking frogs and, then, silence! A second later, their chorus of pulsating buzzes was back again. I was distracted by the local cat calling in the distance, but I chuckled to myself because it added to the free music festival I was enjoying.

Things to do in Thailand
Friendly cat who was all too vocal in the evenings!

Then, fireflies attracting mates or prey with their cool trick of bioluminescence. I sat and listened and watched. It’s not often I experience these sounds, but it was an immense pleasure to just stop what I was doing and listen along. It really was amazing.

Things to do in Thailand
Dragonfly obsession!

Nature is nothing less than wonderful, just the sheer diversity of it is mind-blowing. I was well and truly blown away. If you ever get the chance to visit the north of Thailand, I recommend Chiang Rai wholeheartedly! 🙂

Things to do in Thailand
Kok River

If you would like to share some of things that inspire you, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Poetry in Motion

Things to do in Sri Lanka
Poetry in Motion

A kite, soaring on the breeze
swirling and swooping
beat back by one smaller


wings flapping to keep still
searching, searching
no luck

moving on
gliding across the air currents

try again


Up, up again
spying until
something is there..

getting lower


a speedy dart back to earth
talons outstretched

a flurry of wings
as claws and fur collide

success at last!

Back at the nest, all will rest until the next day

Inspired as nature unfolded in Chiang Rai, June 2018