An Adventure of My Own

Having spent two weeks back in Surin and realising after one week that, however good it was living there before, it is not the place for me. It would be easy for me to live there again-I mean I have friends there and I know where I am going and the good places to hang out. But I need to go outside my comfort zone again and live somewhere new and meet some new friends.

So I took myself off to Pattaya-which is located on the eastern seaboard, about 100 km southeast of Bangkok. Why? No.1- I wanted to visit my good friend Steve and No.2- I spent a few weeks there when I did my TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and whatever you have heard of this place or your own opinion of it- I like it, although I wouldn’t want to live there but it’s good for a couple of days/nights.

Pattaya City
Pattaya City

So after eight long hours on a bus I arrived around 4pm and met Steve in a bar on Soi Buklaow. We had a good catch up having not seen each other for two years and wandered to the next bar where we spent the next couple of hours with his friend.
However seedy this place is, it is full of life-people in bars, people walking around, motorcycle taxis, baht buses, street vendors, bar girls, bar boys, farangs and Thais, among a whole host of nationalities- it is a place of constant activity….the complete opposite of Surin…so for me a welcome change- at least for a couple of days.

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