To have a sister is a wonderful thing
And I feel blessed because I have two
Someone to share laughs with
To share secrets
To support, love and cherish

We’re different people
Have different desires
Our paths in life may diverge
But we’re not far from one another
And respect is always there

I love my sisters
I hope they live their lives to the fullest
To take risks
Do things that make them grow

You’re a mother, a daughter, and a friend
In my eyes you are amazing
Strong women, able to nurture
A role model, a coach, and a leader

Whatever you do
Wherever you go, you’ll always be loved
But take time for you, be happy and be free
My sisters

10 Replies to “Sisters”

  1. Oh my, Gill, I couldn’t agree more! I have two sisters, too & I think they are the very best people in the whole wide world 🙂

  2. We have three adult daughters and they are three very different people. Your tribute moved me as I see our girls supporting and respecting each other even thought they don’t always agree on everything! Nicely done!!

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