The Paths in Life

The Paths in Life

Paths in Life
One of my favourite quotes by Khalil Gibran

“The one moment that changed my life and sent me on a path that would end up living in Thailand came twelve years ago in 2005.”

“Throughout life, everyone travels down certain paths and sometimes things happen that set you on a different path and although you may feel scared or unhappy, just know that you’ll be stronger for it. What doesn’t kill you…, right? Don’t think of the negatives, think positive and be excited at not knowing where your new path will lead you to.”

“I often think in life we all start to travel down one road, be that marriage or kids, and that’s our life. We get on with things and we make the most of what we have, and we’re happy, but then something happens, like divorce, which causes us to travel down a new path, an uncharted course that filled me with anxiety.”

“A path that seems so uncertain, very much the opposite of what we’ve experienced before.”

“….my life was taking a new path and I wasn’t anything but happy about that.”

“….the next trip I took was one that set me down a path that would eventually lead me to a life in Thailand.”

“Don’t be scared to go your own path…”

Above, are excerpts from my new book and I mention paths quite a lot.

I am a great believer in going your own way, maybe that’s something that comes with getting older, but I believe that it’s the only way for people to really live their own lives.

I am not saying this is right for everyone, certainly not, I know everyone is different, but I remember when I was younger I would follow the crowd and it was great. But I have changed, I’m not like that anymore, I do what pleases me and go where I want to go and that’s great too.

Paths in Life

If I hadn’t done that I would probably still be living in my hometown. So instead, I branched out and began following a new path and I am so much happier for it.

Was it scary? Hell yes!

Am I stronger? Yes, I am!

Have a learned more about myself? Yes definitely!

Paths in Life
Paphos, Cyprus

These are all positive things that have happened, even the scary part, but I had to start with that one step along my new path.

And my path may yet change again in the not too distant future. Not because I am unhappy now, far from it, but I want some new challenges in my life and I want to start planning for my future (something I would never have said 3 years ago!) I guess it comes to us all.

So, who knows where this new road will lead me. It’s scary and uncertain, but it’s also challenging and exciting. And, for me,  that’s the beauty of following paths!

Paths in Life
Koh Tao

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14 Replies to “The Paths in Life”

    1. Thank you Inese. I wouldn’t have been here if I hadn’t started out on a new path. I would have said yes a few years ago to a future here, but today I say no. My future isn’t here for one reason or another and it’s time to think about a new path for me 🙂 x Watch this space! Happy New year and I hope 2018 is good to you and yours xxx

      1. I am intrigued 🙂 But you have had a great time in Thailand, and wherever the future takes you, this land won’t be forgotten 🙂 Why do I think you are going to move to Italy? Or may be Australia? I will wait for the news 🙂 xxxx

        1. Of course I have loved living here and I still do, so I won’t forget that in a hurry. I am also intrigued why did you think of Italy? Maybe! Great minds….Will keep you posted! 🙂 xx

  1. Great post, Gill! Being a spiritual person, I believe each of us has a path to take filled with twists, turns, vistas, valleys, aches, pains, love and delight., etc…we learn from all of it, so the challenge is to embrace it, have faith you will be taken care of and walk that path! My best to you!

  2. Great chapter and so true Gill!
    Yes, you can be going down one path in your life, then something totally disrupts this ‘comfortably numb’ feeling and jolts you down a totally different path. One that you never imageined would happen in your lifetime.

    I never followed the crowd and always did my own thing. I guess having a European heritage and a foreign name growing up in Australia, was also the impetus for being different to everyone. 😉

    1. Thank you for your comment Nilla. This is exactly what happened to me, I got divorced. And I was so scared but in the end I am glad I made the decision to end things, but I had to step out of my comfort zone to get where I am today. I am happy that I don’t follow the crowd anymore, it’s so liberating to be able to do things alone and realise that you can 🙂

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