Parks and the City #2

My favourite park, and possibly my favourite place to go, in Bangkok is King Rama IX Park. It’s not far from where I live and I go there to run most weeks. Sometimes, I go there just with my camera because, around every corner, there is so much to photograph and I never get tired of taking photos of the same things, but I always manage to find something novel.

There is plenty of wildlife to encounter. Here are a few of the birds and animals that I regularly see there.

Parks in Bangkok
Little Egret
Parks in Bangkok
Water Monitor, looking at me, looking at him (or her)!
Parks in Bangkok
Chinese Pond Heron. I love the light on the water, it looks like it’s been painted using thin strokes
Parks in Bangkok
Green Bulbul

There are so many beautiful flowers in the park too.

Once a year, in December, there is a flower festival called The Magnificent Plants that Beautify the Suan Luang Rama IX Flowers Festival. Fantastic name, don’t you think? It really is a great time to visit because they make a special effort to plant new flowers, so there is an outburst of colour during the festival.

During the festival, many people have stalls where they create beautiful displays of flowers for people to buy.

There is more than just flowers and plants to buy, there’s also Thai food and handicrafts.

King Rama IX is a huge park, covering around 200 acres and there are 2,300 plant species and loads of trees for shade on a sunny day, which is usually everyday here.

There are 6 different areas to the park.

Parks in Bangkok
International Garden with a Roman temple
Parks in Bangkok
The Garden of the Great King with the Ratchamangkala Pavilion
Parks in Bangkok
The Romanee Garden with flowers and plants that have been taken from other parts of Thailand to recreate the different environments from across the country.

Parks in Bangkok

Parks in Bangkok
Mangrove Forest walkway

The trunk of this tree reminds me of a giraffe setting out on a walk! Can you see it?

Parks in Bangkok

Then, there are the people who, like me, enjoy this beautiful green space a great deal. It depends on the time of day I visit as to whether there are many people about. The park gets busier as the sun goes down.

Parks in Bangkok
Parks in Bangkok
Parks in Bangkok
Catching up on social media
Parks in Bangkok
Parks in Bangkok
Taking photos

And last but not least.

Parks in Bangkok
Getting married!

I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt around King Rama IX Park. Just one of Bangkok’s parks in the city! 🙂




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          1. Try to experience as much as I can…we’re a long time dead. Public holiday here today and invited for an Italian picnic in the Sila National Park. I’ve eaten my bodyweight in food! We started at 11am and just finished at 5:30pm – eating! 😉 x

          2. That’s one of my sayings! It’s very true.. That sounds like a fab day, if I come back to Italy, you know alcohol is going to be involved as well as the food! LOL 🙂

          3. The alcohol is so cheap and excellent, especially in the south that I’m sure you will indulge. Just picked up a bottle of excellent red for €2.49 – I’ve even paid €0.99 for one in the past on offer. It’s rare to get a bad bottle here. 😉

          4. Oh they are my kind of prices! You know what surprised me in Italy, when I was on my way back to Bangkok, at the airport I had a couple of glasses of wine and it cost the same as it did in the bars and restaurants in Rome! He actually opened the bottle for me! I was very impressed! At the airport in Bangkok, one glass of wine costs nearly 400 baht, nearly 9 quid!!!! I had 2 of course 😉 and I know airport prices are usually higher, but that is ridiculous! Another reason to love Italy! Yes, I loved the wine in Italy!

          5. That’s what struck me about the wine in Thailand, much too expensive. In some supermarkets, it was more expensive than Australia. You’ll have to return – just off to make an Aperol Spritz. 😉

          6. It’s expensive because the good stuff is all imported. I don’t know if I told you this before, but some of the wine says fruit juice wine and when I first saw this I turned my nose up! Apparently, there is just a shot full of fruit juice in the wine and that brings the import tax down. Now you can get cheap (ish) wines from the supermarket (which I regularly take advantage of!) and some of them are not bad at all! Wine is still expensive in bars and restaurants unless there is a happy hour going on! 🙂 OOOH Aperol Spritz! My mum was drinking that in Rome, it’s rather nice and refreshing isn’t it? 🙂

          7. Sounds like you have the prices worked out. I remember when volunteering in Khao Lak and going to an Italian restaurant once every couple of weeks to get our wine and bread fix. An expensive outing but special. 🙂 Yes, it is a refreshing drink if the mixes are right, otherwise can be a little bitter. 😉

          8. I have it sussed after a few years of living here, but some places are still out of my expense league! I’ve never been to Khao Lak, would love to go, it looks beautiful! I’ll put it on the list with all the other places 🙂 x

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