A Few Things That Amaze Me!

A Few Things That Amaze Me!

I sat down and thought of some of the things I find truly fascinating in life. So, in no particular order, here are a few things that amaze me.


Nature is nothing short of wonderful. All the different animal and bird species, every one designed and adapted to their environment. The Earth and all its beauty – the weather, the sea, the sky, the land. The vibrant colours of nature – all different shades and hues, from the azure blue of the sea and the verdant green of the rolling hills to the red sand of deserts and the brown falling leaves. What about the sounds of nature? Sit still long enough and you will hear the chorus of the insects at dusk, the chirping of birds in forests, the crash of the waves onto a beach or the rustle of leaves in autumn. It’s nice sometimes to take a break from our busy lives and just be in the moment to appreciate what is around us.  

Things to do in your free time
Be present – see the hidden beauties


The history of the Earth and how we got here is mind-blowingly fascinating. The fact we are on a spinning ball in the middle of the black universe is hard to get your head around. It’s hard to fathom that we are but a speck on Earth’s timeline – if you can imagine the history of the universe as a 12 month calendar, humans appear just a few minutes before midnight on 31 December.

Things to learn about
Source: CC BY-SA 3.0. Owner: Efbrazil


I was never interested in architecture before, but now I find it so interesting to look at all the different types of buildings and structures that have been created. The castles with their turrets and the palaces with their fountains. The ornate details and the arched windows, the porticos and the columns. Sometimes, I sit outside these buildings or look up as I walk passed, so I can marvel at the thought and creativity that has gone into constructing some of the beauties in the places I visit.

Places to go in Bangkok
My favourite piece of architecture in Bangkok – Mahanakhon


It’s funny how what bores you in the past becomes a subject that you are enthralled by – that’s history for me. I studied Mythology in the Greek and Roman World as part of my degree and I couldn’t get enough of it – stories and legends about Poseidon, Jupiter, Venus and Aphrodite to name but a few. The Egyptians and the history of Thailand and other countries, the wars, people and places – it’s all totally captivating.

Things to see in Rome
Egyptian Mythology – The Nile


I love creating my own art as much as I love the creations of other artists. When I lived in Bangkok, one of my favourite pastimes was to go to an art gallery to see an exhibition. I like to appreciate the creativity and forethought of the artist and look at how the paint strokes have metamorphosed into a beautiful painting. Three of my favourites include Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Oleg Shuplyak. Sometimes, I paint or draw and create something of my own. I don’t know why, but I find if I haven’t drawn or painted for a while, I end up doing a good job! I find it relaxing and it’s one of those things that I should do more often.

Things to do in your free time
Vincent Van Gogh – created by Oleg Shuplyak

Air traffic control

I would love to spend a day in an air traffic control tower. I find it amazing that these people are responsible for controlling the air traffic and they do it very well. I know they have exceptional technology to do this, but people can makes mistakes and have you seen the amount of planes in the sky at any one time? Take a look at one of the plane trackers like Flight Radar 24 or Flightaware – it’s crazy. Did you know that the people who do this job are on shifts of just 30 minutes at a time?

Things to do in free time
Source: FlightAware


Which brings me onto flying! It still amazes me how that big hunk of metal with wings can get into the air and take you to your destination in a relatively short amount of time! In the air, you are flying at over 500 miles per hour, but it appears you are hardly moving! The wheels disappear into the undercarriage and the flaps on the wings change position to slow you down upon descent. The pilots take the plane up and bring it down – in the meantime, the aircraft is honing in on a beacon at its final destination. And, don’t get me started on the people that work at the airport, getting the luggage on board, serving food and drinks and filling the plane with petrol – I find it all very interesting. I may be in the wrong job!

What amazes you? 🙂

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