A Short Tale of Ceviche

A Short Tale of Ceviche

Cancun, Mexico
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In 2000, I took a trip to Cancun in Mexico, with my boyfriend and his family because his sister was getting married and they had chosen the Moon Palace for the venue.

The wedding was fabulous and the hotel was stunning with several restaurants, a huge pool, bedrooms with a hot tub for two, and ocean views. Most of the time we just hung around the hotel, but me and my bf ventured out alone a couple of times.

One day, we were chilling on the beach when we started talking to this Mexican guy who turned out to be a fisherman. As the day progressed he told us that he was going on a fishing trip the next day and would we like to tag along. Yes, of course we would, although the boat didn’t look up to ocean travel, we weren’t going to pass a chance up like this. We agreed to meet the next day and off we went all excited about the prospect of the day ahead.

The following day, we met the guy as arranged and he told us that we couldn’t go fishing because the sea was a little rough and it wouldn’t make for a very successful day’s catch. Although, we didn’t really fancy our chances in the tiny boat he had, we were so disappointed and we resigned ourselves to find something else to do.

The guy said, it’s okay you don’t have to leave, I have some fish that I caught already in the fridge, so why don’t we hang out and I will make you dinner. Our frowns turned upside down and we cracked open some cold beers. The beach was the perfect setting for our little impromptu day, the wind lazily blowing as we sat in deck chairs, watching the blue ocean crashing onto the white sand.

Our new found friend produced a tray of my first ever dish of ceviche, raw fish flavoured with lime, chilli and coriander, with potato crisps to scoop it up, so simple yet very delicious, I can still taste it now.

We had a fab day, ceviche on the beach, cold beer, sun shining, new friend=simple pleasures in life and some fond memories.

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  1. I’d say that fishing trip turned out OK!! We have stayed at the Moon Palace and several other places in Cancun…really enjoy that entire region along the Caribbean!! Great post…thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kirt! It was a fabulous day out.. The Moon Palace was such a beautiful place, loved the jacuzzis in the rooms! Yeah and we had a ball in the 2 weeks we were there. Did you manage to get to Playa Del Carmen? Gorgeous little place with less tourists, I bet it’s changed, it was 17 years ago I went there!

      1. We were in the area of Playa Del Carmen…Tulumn Ruins…that entire area has exploded with resorts…we have been going there for over 15 years and the change has been incredible..

        1. I never went to those ruins, did I jungle tour which took us into the countryside and we got to snorkel in a cave which was pretty cool. Yeah I bet it has changed, when we went there we loved Playa Del Carmen because it was more authentic. It’s sad how things change with time and places can lose their appeal. But it sounds like you still love it if you are still going there. I would like to go back someday 🙂

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