A Visit to Warwick Castle

A Visit to Warwick Castle

A couple of years ago, I went to Warwick Castle for the day.

I love visiting historical places and I can add Warwick Castle as one of the best places to visit.

You’ll find the Peacock Gardens with their beautifully manicured lawns and resident peacocks wandering around.

The Conservatory Tearoom overlooking the fountain.

Then, follow the path through the trees towards the river and the jousting area and Britain’s largest trebuchet. Check the times on your ticket for exciting shows and entertainment every day.

Cross over the river and explore all around the castle.

Things to do in the UK

Enter the castle through its main entrance.

Things to do in the UK

Inside the castle, you can sit on the grass, have a break with a refreshing drink, and take in the impressive architecture.

Things to do in the UK

Make sure you climb the stairs and wander along the ramparts for fabulous views of Warwick and the surrounding countryside.

And, it would be a shame not to see inside some of the rooms where you can learn about some of the castle’s history.

For more photos of Warwick Castle, head to morrisphotography.

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