An Interview with Matin Chowdhury

An Interview with Matin Chowdhury

Matin is from Chittagong, the second largest city in Bangladesh. He is currently living and studying economics in KL. He is also co-founder for Green Volunteers, a non-profit organization in Bangladesh, working for community development and unprivileged children. I thought it would be fun to interview him. Enjoy 🙂

1. Why did you come to KL?

I came here to study- Master of Economics.

2. Why study here in KL rather than your home in Bangladesh?

The economics in Malaysia are close to how they are in Bangladesh. KL is a developing city so I can get ideas for my studies.
The Malaysian economy has developed in the last few years and I want to get to know the systems they are using to develop the economics. And then I could return to Bangladesh to use the same systems to help develop my country.

3. What do you like about KL?

The lifestyle is cheap and the people are very nice.
I love the environment, it’s not too crowdy and the weather is the same throughout the year.
The infrastructure is good compared to Bangladesh.

4. What do you hate about KL?

I think that people from the third world, living and working here, are sometimes not respected and discriminated against.
Police are corrupt, something I did not expect in a developed country such as Malaysia.

5. Would you like to live here permanently?

No- I want to be a professor of economics, either in Bangladesh or another country but I would prefer to be in Bangladesh.

6. Can you say 3 top attractions that tourists should visit (in your opinion)

– Pangkor Island
– Malacca
– Genting Highlands

7. Can you give 5 top-tips for a foreigner living here?
– Use LRT (skytrain) it is so much cheaper than taxis, and quicker
– Eat local food- it’s cheaper
– Don’t go out late at night- be safe
– Be aware of motorbikes
– If on tourist visa, don’t leave on the same day (at the end of 90 days) because it might look like you are working

Matin Chowdhury

Thank you Matin. It was fun interviewing you on Pangkor Island 😉


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