An Ode to my Folks

An Ode to my Folks

I have never contemplated poetry before but this attempt has been made for my family: 😉

An Ode to The Folks

After two years at home

It’s time once more

To leave the sunny Shire


But please don’t be sad

Cos I am glad

To leave,

I need to breathe

In the land that I love so much.


Mum and Roy are full of joy

That I am leaving them once more,

Two years have passed, they are aghast,

It was only supposed to be a year.


I have had a special time living with my folks

I just hope

They know how much.


We have shared a lot of fun and laughter,

Even though Mum shouts at her eldest daughter

-hang the washing out- no not that way

-do the ironing- turn the trousers inside out

-clean your room-

-you make too much noise

And there is a whole lot more,

But I adore

The time that we have had.


I thank you so much for putting me up,

Or putting up with me!

Thanks for the wine

Thanks for the gin

Thanks for the family shenanigans


My family- wherever I am

You are never far away

You are my all and I love you all

There are no words to say.


My sisters and brothers,

Like you there are no others.

Have seen Trev twice, it might be thrice

But glad I saw you at all!


As the song goes:

Am leaving on a jet plane,

Don’t know when I’ll be back again.

So be happy and no tears,

And let my last 3 days be full of cheers!

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