Bang Poo Nature Reserve

Bang Poo Nature Reserve

If you’re in Bangkok and fancy a day out head to Bang Poo Nature Reserve. It’s not that far, and it’s great for bird-watching.

Bang Poo Nature Reserve, Bangkok

I went there with a friend in September and, to be honest, it isn’t the most attractive places and, apart from a jetty with a restaurant at the far end, there isn’t much there. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a few hours tramping around the mangroves and pathways. In parts, there are elevated walkways that take you through the mangroves and end with views of the Gulf of Thailand.

There are a fair few species of birds and, although this area may not be an obvious birding location, over a 100 different species have been spotted there.


It’s a great day out. Enjoy the birds and the nature 🙂





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  1. It’s such a shame! I find it all very sad and worrying when habitats are destroyed and creatures getting poisoned. Humans don’t think or care that they are also destroying the planet 🙁

          1. Poisoned, is my guess. I went for a three hour walk today with the beautiful countryside all around. I saw one rabbit, and was happy as a child. 15-20 years ago there would be a hundred of them.

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