Jazz on Sukhumvit

Jazz on Sukhumvit

Well, in my effort to go to new places I haven’t been doing bad over the past few weeks. New bars and restaurants and more recently Jazz on Sukhumvit.

Jazz on Sukhumvit is a spot of jazz held, you guessed it, on Sukhumvit Road every Sunday afternoon from 2.30pm until 6.00pm, and let me tell you it’s a fab way to spend an afternoon.

It’s held at Check Inn 99, located in between sois 5 and 7 near Nana BTS station. When my friend, Mike, suggested we go there, of course, I was all over it.

Jazz on Sukhumvit
Jazz on Sukhumvit

The entrance is very small, so small I have never noticed it before, but it opens up into a dark, but cosy, low ceilinged bar, with tables and chairs set around a small stage at the back. The staff are really friendly and the food and drinks are all reasonably priced. 95 baht for a chicken kebab or jacket potato.

The place has a resident jazz band that, I am told by Mike, play at other venues in the city. If you fancy a jam, pick up your chosen instrument and the band will happily accommodate you for a couple of tunes. Let me say this though, if you are less than average I wouldn’t bother because these guys are good. Really good. I mean you could just see, hear and feel the passion they all have for what they do.

The musicians played a variety of instruments like bass and acoustic guitars, saxophone, trumpet, drums and keyboard. A real combination of sounds that truly are amazing to listen to.

They invited three singers to join them, one woman and two men. The woman was good but the men’s voices kind of blew me away. The first, older guy, his voice was so silky and the silkiness poured out of his mouth throughout the whole bar. It was mesmerising. The second guy came on last, and talk about saving the best for last. He sang “Summertime” in a way that gave me goose bumps.

I don’t know much about jazz but I do know I like to listen to music that makes me feel good. I enjoyed it so much I had tears in my eyes. It really moved me. To see the passion these musicians have for their work is truly inspiring.

Everyone who comes to this venue share an appreciation for the very talented musicians who play there and to listen to some wonderful music.

It was over all too soon but it certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world. So I would like to say thank you to Mike for that. I shall certainly be returning to enjoy some more Jazz on Sukhumvit and I think, if you’re in the neighbourhood, you should too. You won’t regret it.

Here is the original “Summertime” by Ella Fitzgerald for you to enjoy.





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