On Nut Night Market- an alternative night out

On Nut Night Market- an alternative night out

On Nut (pronounced oh noot) night market is located just beside On-Nut BTS station on Soi 50 in Bangkok. It’s a great place to hang out for the evening if you don’t want to venture too far into Bangkok.
It kicks off around 5pm but the later you get there the busier it is. At least if you get there earlier you can bag a seat. There are seating areas surrounded by market stalls (it is a market after all) where you can buy the usual stuff- clothing, souvenirs and the like. But there are also food stalls where you can buy anything from somtum and chicken or pork, to chicken with cashew nuts and rice, or something to satisfy your sweet tooth- whatever you fancy really.

On Nut Night Market
On Nut Night Market, before the crowds arrive

When you have chosen what you want and ordered it just tell them where you are sitting and they will bring it to you. Excellent!
I have been there a few times, and one time with friends, we arrived at around 6pm, ordered our food and had a few drinks. We didn’t leave until around 1am and we wondered how much the bill would be. Don’t think that because you are at a night market, and not one of the plusher establishments in town, that things will be cheaper, because they are not. The beer prices are almost the same as what you would pay on Soi 11- 100 baht for a large tiger. The food prices, however, are much cheaper than proper restaurants (around 35 baht for somtum for example).

Drinking with a friend
Drinking with a friend
Fruit Stall
Fruit Stall

Nevertheless it is a great place to spend a few hours. They have local bands, playing on two stages that they have rigged up, and there is a constant hive of activity, with people coming and going.

They also have toilet facilities situated at the back which cost 5 baht. You can get change from the toilet facilitators to use in the turnstile to get in, and there is toilet roll, which is an absolute bonus. Not the cleanest, but as long as you can put up with the squat style toilet, they are right there for your convenience.

So all in all a different night out away from the bright lights of central Bangkok as long as you don’t mind the resident rats that occasionally run under your feet, I totally recommend it to get more of a local experience.


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  1. Ah, my local eating/drinking place ! I live just down the adjacent soi, so it’s very handy to me …perhaps a bit TOO handy ? In fact I think that first photo must have been taken from right next to my favourite bar stool, LOL

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