On The Trail of Bangkok’s European Heritage

On The Trail of Bangkok’s European Heritage

How much do you really know about Bangkok? Did you know that from as far back as the 16th century Bangkok has had European connections?

Neither did I, until, one day, while I was researching about castles in Thailand for my blog, I stumbled across a map which gave information about European heritage in the city. I delved a little further and found there were over 60 locations around Bangkok that all have European ties. Palaces, bridges, galleries, museums, and people all have a very interesting history.

With this new found information, I decided to start my own little project. I put on my hiking boots, packed my camera and notebook, and went in search of these places.

This research has taken me over a year to complete. I have walked the many streets of Bangkok, sometimes retracing my steps to get the photographs I needed. Finding the places and taking photographs was, relatively, easy, but since then I have been compiling my research, designing, and self-publishing my first book:

On The Trail Of Bangkok's European Heritage
On The Trail Of Bangkok’s European Heritage

A not so easy task, but one that has been extremely satisfying. It has given me the opportunity to, not only, explore Bangkok, so I now know the city probably more than many locals do, but I have also learned a part of history that I never knew existed.

I love exploring Bangkok; there is so much to do and see, and the idea behind my book is to allow you to follow in my footsteps, discover these places for yourself, and learn about Bangkok’s connections with Europe. It will be a useful guide to have in your pocket.

I have really enjoyed the process of creating my book; from the initial research, getting out and about in the city, and finally being published.

My book is intended for those who love to learn and like doing something a little different.

I hope that you enjoy it.


On The Trail of Bangkok’s European Heritage is available on Amazon.co.uk; Amazon.com; Amazon.de; Amazon.fr; Amazon.it; Amazon.es

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