Tales of 2019

Tales of 2019

Following my memories in Tales of 2018, I am a little late in reminiscing about 2019, but here goes.

2019 was the first year in a long time that I had spent back home. I never thought I would be living here again, but the year started elsewhere!


I flew to Valencia to make a new start in a new city. I had never been before, but it appeared to be right up my street. There is street art, the city of arts and sciences and fabulous architecture and outdoor spaces – like the Gardens of Turia and the beach.

Things to do in Valencia
River Turia, Valencia

It didn’t work out there, I didn’t have the money to pay the deposit on a flat, so I made the decision to return to the UK. That was after just 2 weeks. Looking back I never really explored all my options – I could have looked at places outside the city. There is a really good metro service. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!


Back in the UK, I moved in with my brother and his girlfriend. My plan was to stay 6 months. I ended up living there for over a year! I am forever thankful to them for letting me stay – we had so much fun!

Things to do in Northampton
Sunday Funday!


I went to Rotterdam to see Chris who had recently moved there. We spent time exploring. I didn’t think much to Rotterdam that first time I went, but am glad to say it has grown on me and I love going there now for its markets, historical areas and its centre.

Places to go in Europe

I also went to Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities to wander around.

Places to go in Europe
Skinny Bridge, Amsterdam


I went to London with my sister for a day out at Camden Market – a fabulous place to hang out. We did a bit of shopping, had a few drinks and ate some food. A really great day out!

Places to go in the UK
Camden Market, London


I went to Fleetwood with my sister and niece. We stayed in a caravan park and had days out to the beach and Blackpool – eerily devoid of humans – which was rather nice! We went for walks and took my niece to the local farm, so she could feed the animals. It was a lovely few days away!

Days out in Blackpool

I also went to Portugal for a friend’s wedding. Living in Bangkok meant I missed out on a lot of things. Before the wedding, I went to Albufeira for the day and relaxed on the beach. The wedding day was fabulous, everyone was happy and I was thrilled to be able to spend time with my friends.

Things to do in Faro
Praia da Falesia


My friend Chris came to visit. We went out for dinner and drinks and had a ball – as always! I went for Thai food with other friends later in the month. The food and company were fantastic!

Things to do in Northampton
Yellow curry with prawns


I loved the Thai food so much last month, I went back to the same restaurant with my mum and dad.

Having a great time with Mum and Dad

I also went to London to the Van Gogh Exhibition at Tate Britain. I used to visit art galleries all the time in Bangkok, so it was good to do it again on my home turf!

Vincent Van Gogh


In August, I went to Newark to see my good friends – Doyle and Mel. We always have a good time together and this time was no different. We went out for drinks and had a BBQ the next day.

Another trip to Rotterdam and, this time, Chris and I went to Amsterdam for dinner and drinks.

Places to go in Europe
Lovely views of Amsterdam


Another art exhibition, this time closer to home. Northampton artist, Aasen Stephenson’s Death on Two Legs. His leaf creations are fantastic! I am not sure I would have the patience nor the dexterity!

Things to do in Northampton
Leaf creations by Northampton artist, Aasen Stephenson


October came around and I was off to Ibiza – a very different trip for me. I used to go there to party until the sun came up and beyond! The closest I got to that was having fun at the mini disco with my sister and niece! But we had a fabulous time and I got to spend time with friends who were there at the same time!

Places to go in Spain


I went on a girly weekend to celebrate a friend’s 40th. We sang, we danced, we laughed, we ate and we drank! We made some fab memories!

Things to do with friends


I spent the end of the year in Brussels. It was great to walk around seeing all the sights, having food and drinks by myself. I like the solitude. Although, I was looking forward to the first day of 2020 when my friend Chris was coming to visit!

Places to go in Europe

All in all, my 2019 was a great year! I travelled a bit and went to a couple of art exhibitions, but most of all, I got to spend precious time with my wonderful family and friends.

Sending love and peace your way!

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