Tales of 2021

Tales of 2021


I finally published my photographic book – A Book Of Photographic Images. A collection of my photos with matching quotes. I matched the photo with the quote.

Things to do in free time
Book of Photographic Images


I left one job for another. I was not happy, so I found myself working for Mencap. I was so relieved and was looking forward to it. Little did I know then, that this new job would be more stressful than the one I’d left. It was all part of my journey.


I finished another painting – a colourful African Savannah.

Things to do in free time
African Savannah


I added a new cookbook to my collection. Dishoom is a beautiful Indian cookbook with lots of delicious recipes, stories of how the restaurants came to be and a map of traditional cafes and restaurants in Bombay. The Chicken Ruby has to be the most delicious curry I’ve EVER had!

Things to read in free time

I also took a trip to the stunning Everdon Stubbs to see the forest carpeted with bluebells and views across the countryside.

Things to do in free time
Everdon Stubbs


I treated myself to a lovely lavender plant – one of my favourite plants for it’s luscious smell and beautiful colour.

Things to do in your free time


Couldn’t resist this photo over the rooftops of the interesting cloud formation..

Things to do in your free time
The skies over the rooftops


The best things in life are free, so they say, and July proved that because my BFF, Chris, came to stay. We had been talking about getting together as soon as we could, but COVID stopped us. Then, things started to open up and Chris wanted to visit his family in Looe, Cornwall, but he still had to self-isolate for 10 days. We came up with the idea that he could self-isolate with me and then travel down to see his family. So, that’s what we did. We literally did nothing because we couldn’t! The only thing we did was to take a walk to the post box to deliver his COVID test. Although we couldn’t go out for dinner or drinks, it was just lovely to spend some time with him.

Things to do in your free time
Chris and I


I love visiting historical places and I can add Warwick Castle as one of the best places to visit. It was great exploring the castle and its grounds.

Things to do in the UK
Warwick Castle


I went to Birmingham for my sister-in-law’s hen do. We had bottomless brunch, played bubble football and crazy golf and drank a lot over the weekend, but it was a fabulous and fun time together.

My sister and I


My brother and sister-in-law got married and we had a brilliant day celebrating.

Trev & Julie


I managed to get to Rotterdam to see Chris in November. Despite having to pay extra for COVID tests to go there and upon my return to the UK, I was desperate to have a change of location and to spend time with my best friend. It was just what the doctor ordered! And the views weren’t too bad either!

Places to go in Rotterdam
Windmill on Voorhaven


My December was full of family, food and getting out into nature.

I always get excited when I see beautiful sunrises like this one.

Things to do in freetime

Frosty views across the Racecourse.

Things to do in freetime

I love real Christmas trees and mine was up at the end of November!

Things to do in freetime

A 7.5 mile jaunt around Pitsford to blow the Christmas cobwebs (and overindulgence of alcohol) away.

Things to do in freetime

The time goes so fast, but my 2021 was full of happy memories.

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  1. Thank you for your 2021 in recap!
    Congratulations on your photographic book – it must have so much work to put it all together. And now, it is birthed and in the world.
    I loved dining at Dishoom (this is in London, yes?) – it’s lovely they have a cookbook out!

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