Tales of 2022

Tales of 2022

Something that has turned into an annual thing, my tales serve as reminders of my life through the years. Here is my 2022!


I started the new year with healthy habits, cooking good food, getting back into regular exercise and going out for walks. I discovered a marina which I’d never seen before in all the years I have lived in my hometown!

Things to do in free time


It’s always such a joy when you come across wildlife, and so close to home too!

Things to do in Northampton
Things to do in Northampton


The lovely All Saints Church on Church Lane, Little Billing has a Saxon front and built around 1100 – I just had to take a photograph.

Things to see in Northampton


I love taking photos of animals in all their shapes and forms, but photographing smaller creatures has its challenges. For once, these beauties stayed long enough for me to capture them.


I love taking photos of flowers. So many varieties and colours, they really do brighten up your day!

Things to do in your free time


In June, I travelled to Leicester to meet up with some of the guys I used to work with in Bangkok. It was a really fabulous afternoon – we chatted over food and drinks and it was like I only saw them yesterday.

Places to go in the UK
Bangkok Reunion

Also in June, capturing the sunrise one morning at 5 am. Just look at those colours!

Things to see in Northampton


The Washlands in Northampton is always good for photo opportunities.

Things to do in free time

I also took a stroll around Abington Park.

Things to do in free time

I published my first calendar ‘Out in the Countryside’ – an 18 month calendar (July 22 – Dec 23) featuring images from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Getting out in the countryside is a great way to get some fresh air, to feel healthy, and to feel alive.

Things to do in free time


What a wonderful August I had. I got to spend two glorious weeks on holiday with my friends. And where better to go with them, than to one of my favourite places on earth – my old home of Thailand! Plus, we spent three days in Singapore – a new destination for me.

Things to see in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
Things to see in Singapore
Marina Bay, Singapore

Soon enough our time in Singapore was over and we headed to Phuket in Thailand. In all my time living there, I had never been to Phuket, so it was nice to see somewhere new. The views were epic!

Places to go in Phuket
Mai Khao, Phuket

We took a trip to Koh Phi Phi. I had been there in 2008, so it was nice to see it again.

Places to go in Phuket
Maya Beach, Koh Phi Phi

Back in Mai Khao, we were right next to the airport and every day – many times a day – we watched planes take off over the water – what a thrill!

Places to go in Phuket
Sunset over Mai Khao


I was unhappy in my previous job and I have always said that if I am not happy, I will do something about it. So when I was offered a new job on the spot, I could not have been happier!

Inspirational Quotes
Take action. Find a new path and follow it until you can see the wood from the trees – Gill Morris

Sometimes, the paths we follow are not the right ones for us, but I came to realise that we will eventually reach a place of joy once more!

Inspirational Quotes
“Every experience makes you grow.” Anonymous

My mantra has always been that everything works out in the end and it usually does!

Inspirational Quotes
Everything works out in the end


I can’t resist taking photos of the vivid colours of nature while out walking.

Places to go in Northampton


This Pink Fuschia is from my parent’s garden, always blooming in the summer. When I go to see them, I always spend a few minutes taking photos of their beautiful flowers.

Things to photograph
Pink Fuschia

When I go to see my best friend, Chris, we always make time to have drinks at Cafe Steijn -one of our favourite haunts in Rotterdam

Places to go in Rotterdam
Cafe Steijn, Rotterdam


The weather changed for the worse in December and we had snow on the ground.

Places to go in Northampton

But, whatever the weather, I am grateful for all the special moments and experiences I had during 2022.

Sending love and good wishes to you all!

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  1. Those tales sound great. We are off to Singapore next week and I am looking forward to it. Then over to Bali. It is always nice to see and remember good times! To a wonderful 2024 and making lots of memories!!

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