The Changing Seasons – December 2018

The Changing Seasons – December 2018

The Changing Seasons post, inspired by the lovely Sarah at Secret Art Expedition and hosted by Su at Zimmerbitch.

December was a major life changing month. I left Thailand forever! It’s a decision I made over a year ago, and the time finally came when I would pack up my life, into 2 boxes and 2 suitcases, and leave my home for the past 10 years.

I spent the month packing, visiting old places, and spending time with my BFF, Chris. I said goodbye to my work mates and friends who have crept into my life over the years – and that was tough enough, but it was saying goodbye to Chris that was the most heart-wrenching.

Life changing moments
Me and Chris

We spent as much time as possible together as my departure day grew nearer. I had butterflies in my tummy for weeks before, and as the time went on those butterflies turned to a feeling of dread – dread that I was leaving Bangkok and everything I love about the place, and dread because I would be leaving my friend – I (we) felt sick!

It’s not like I am never going to see him again, he’s leaving too, and I’ll see him in Europe before long, but we spent so much time together, he really was (is) a big part of my life.

We managed not to cry as we said our goodbyes, I wanted our last few days to be full of joy and happy memories. But, there were tears and I knew exactly the point I would start crying – when I was on the plane taking off!

As we sped down the runway, I was pressed up against the window, tears rolling down my face as I watched Bangkok disappear from view. Once I couldn’t see it anymore, the feeling of dread I’d had in the pit of my stomach disappeared and I started to look forward to my new life.

I spent the next 10 days in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka where I passed the time working (yes, I am a fully fledged full time writer now!), lazing on the beach and enjoying the most delectable Sri Lankan curry (5 times in the space of 10 days!)

Things to do in Hikkaduwa
Sri Lankan Curry

Then, I flew to the UK for the next 10 days and spent time with my nearest and dearest before flying to Valencia where I planned to set up a new home and get on with the next chapter of my life!

That was the plan at least, but that’s another story!

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