The Changing Seasons – June 2019

The Changing Seasons – June 2019

The Changing Seasons post, inspired by the lovely Sarah at Secret Art Expedition and hosted by Su at Zimmerbitch.

My month started with my best-est friend in the world – Chris – coming to visit me on my home turf. I saw him last in March when I visited him in his new home – Rotterdam – but this was the first time that he has come to see me in Northampton.

As always, we had a ball. We reminisced about our life in Bangkok and our plans for the future. We had dinner with my family and friends and then we ended up in Northampton’s very own gay bar.


Great news in June too! I got a new job! I am the new Learning and Events Coordinator at Teamscapes which is part of the Sundial Group. Not only am I working in events, which is what I wanted for a long time, but we help people become better in their jobs through team building activities. So, events plus learning is a fantastic outcome for me! I am so happy and it means all sorts of things for my future!

Since starting my new job, I have had little time for exercise because working 9 – 5 again really has taken it out of me – I am completely frazzled by the end of the day. But, the last couple of weeks, I’ve gone running around Sywell Country Park and Pitsford Reservoir. It really is so nice to get out into the fresh air.

Things to do in Northampton
Sywell Country Park
Things to do in Northampton
Pitsford Reservoir

The last thing I did in June, was to go out for Thai food with my good friends, Trudy and Jamie. I am not someone who raves about food, but this was amazing! It really was delicious!

Things to do in Northampton
Royal Thai Restaurant
Things to do in Northampton
Yellow curry with prawns

Have a beautiful July!

About The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is a monthly challenge where bloggers around the world share what’s been happening in their month.

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13 Replies to “The Changing Seasons – June 2019”

  1. Judging by your photo, Sywell Country Park looks really beautiful. Definitely my kind of place. Congrats on your new job. This is such a great news. The planets seem to line up to make sure everything works out for you. And I’m so happy for you Gill. Take care my friend. xxx

    1. Thank you! I can’t believe I have been there 3 months next week, but I am loving it! Yeah, Sywell is lovely, we have a few nice green places to go to around here. They do indeed – who’d thought I would be happy being back here! The universe works in mysterious ways! Thank you for your kind words! Take care too xxx

      1. Oh, it is wonderful that you sent the link. Last week I was trying to get to your blog and received a message that it is made private! Glad it is not πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on your new job! Sounds so exciting! Another page in your life – another adventure. xx
    PS I hope my email address you request won’t show to the world at large πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Inese! Yeah, a new chapter. Did you have to put your email address when you posted the comment?? I had to do that do on another blog. I dont think it does, I’ll check though x

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