The Changing Seasons – November & December 2020

The Changing Seasons – November & December 2020

The final months of 2020 in The Changing Seasons post, hosted by Su at Zimmerbitch.

Happy New Year!!

Time flies doesn’t it? This time last year we had no clue what was around the corner! We were all looking forward to what the new year held for us. Little did we know that our lives were soon to be restricted because a crazy virus was spreading rapidly around the world.

And it still is! But, we now have the vaccine being rolled out, so – HOPEFULLY – we can get back to looking forward to what the new year will hold for us!

In November, we said goodbye to one of my favourite actors – Sean Connery. Such a brilliant Bond (the best one in my eyes) and a beautiful man even at 90 years old!

The names’s Bond, James Bond

I came across this video of a guy dancing to this cracking tune. He got some moves! Dance on and smile!

I finished reading Caleb Carr’s ‘The Alienist.’

The Alienist by Caleb Carr

My Goodreads review read:

‘Another great read and one that has you hooked just a few pages in. The author also has a great way of finishing each chapter with a cliffhanger, so it is really hard to stop reading! The story has also been dramatised for TV and the show is also good, however, watch it before you read the book because you will spend the whole time comparing!’

I also started my new job as a Learning Support Assistant. We are working in strange times at the moment, what with lockdowns, students studying from home, and us working from home 2 days a week, so I haven’t really had a chance to do my job fully. However, whilst I am enjoying it most of the time, I am not 100% happy with it (for reasons I will explain another time), so I am planning on doing something about that! For now though, I am just thankful I am earning again!

We came out of a mini-lockdown at the beginning of December and I made my own Christmas wreath. I was quite proud of my creation!

Things to do at home

I also had a real Christmas tree for the first time in years.

Things to do at home

Christmas day came around and, although everyone was under a 1-day restriction, I was lucky enough to be able to have a lovely day with my mum, dad, sister and niece – memories to be treasured.

Then, on New Year’s Eve, I spent the evening at home, talking with my BFF Chris on WhatsApp from 7pm until 12.15am. Because of the time difference of 1 hour, I got to celebrate 2 New Years – one in Rotterdam and one in the UK! As someone who has never been that bothered about New Year’s Eve, I was happy that I got to share the beginning of 2021 with my friend – albeit remotely!

We are back in lockdown or tier 4 until at least mid-February. BUT, let’s all start to look forward with hope and positivity. Let’s hope we can start to live our lives again freely before long. Love and peace to you all!

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