The World’s Gone Mad

The World’s Gone Mad

The world’s gone mad with technology. Everywhere you go people are glued to their devices like their life depended on it. Nobody is making conversation, everyone is on their phones; checking in, checking out, checking feeds, checking tweets; just in case we’re going to miss something.

The World's Gone Mad,

Like we are going to miss anything. Statuses like “just had the most amazing dinner” or “just got back from the gym.” Yes, the second one was me!

The World's Gone Mad,

Where we have been; where we are going; where we have checked into; photos; comments; likes- it’s all crazy. It’s like we live our lives through social media.

Everyone has internet on their devices. And, until recently, I didn’t. I was happy to log onto the WiFi connection which most places have these days. I never wanted to be online 24/7.  I have a friend who thought I was crazy. He still does, but he was always telling me to get internet on my phone. “Get with the 21st century” he told me. “No, I don’t think I will!” I used to say. I liked being out of touch for a while. But now, even I have succumbed to it. I have gotten with the 21st century. Do I like it? Mmm, shall we say I am getting used to it.

I must say one thing in its defence, it is handy for finding your way somewhere using Google maps. Although, I still like to have a printed copy of the map in my hand so I can find my way to somewhere new. I don’t know why, I’m just old school. Or maybe just old?

However did we manage when we didn’t have mobile phones? When we had to use the house phone to speak to our friends or meet them at a place previously arranged. There was a time when we had to go and knock on friend’s doors to speak to them. I am far too young to remember doing that, ahem!

When we go out with friends they are half listening to what you’re saying because they are distracted by that device that appears to be attached to them. And God forbid that device beeps or vibrates, you become second best. The conversation is halted and you have to wait until they are finished, and then the conversation is forgotten. I find it very off-putting sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I have been guilty of using my phone in company before now but it’s time to leave it alone for five minutes. Five minutes, that is all. Engage in the conversation around you. Don’t forget your human friends.


The World's Gone Mad,

What do you think? 😉


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