Two Sights for the Price of One

Two Sights for the Price of One

On my travels in Australia a few years ago, one of the places I visited was Noosa Heads, in the Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland. It’s small town, but there are many boutiques and restaurants which run parallel to the calm waters of Noosa Main Beach. But I wasn’t there to go shopping, I wanted to spend the day exploring the hiking trails for the chance of seeing local wildlife and wonderful views of the ocean. Plus it was the right time of the year for migrating humpback whales to be passing through.

Alexandria Beach, Noosa, Australia


I followed the trails until I reached Alexandria Beach, a popular nudist beach. I wasn’t going there to get naked myself, I went there because it is one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen. The beach was almost empty, so it wasn’t hard to find a spot to relax.

Alexandria Beach, Noosa, Australia


So, there I was, not naked, and looking out to sea, when, suddenly, I spotted a humpback whale breaching out of the water. It was quite far out, but they are huge animals, so it was easy to see. How fantastic, at that very moment, with no one around me, I got to witness this spectacular event. I just sat there, so excited, my heart pumping, hoping it would happen again.

Alexandria Beach, Noosa, Australia

Then, from apparently nowhere, came a naked guy who appeared at my side and asked if he could sit next to me. I told him he could, and he proceeded to ask me a billion questions;

“What’s your name?”

”Where have you been?”

“Where do you live?”

It went on, this question and answer session!

Believe me, it’s very off putting having a normal conversation with a naked guy, especially when he sits face on with his legs open. Nothing was left to the imagination. I didn’t know where to look.

Alexandria Beach, Noosa, Australia

Don’t forget about the whale, it was still there, having a jolly old time. And, there I was, being quizzed by a naked man. I am no prude, however, I felt slightly uncomfortable at this tete-a-tete. I don’t know about anyone else, but give me the whale any day. Eventually, after realising I was more interested in the larger mammal, he left.

It wasn’t just one sight I will never forget, I got two for the price of one that day! 😉

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  1. The overall beauty of the area, the beach etc…..stunning and then to see a whale breaching…nothing more incredible…so I’m in a state of mind with the pictures and the setting taking me back to similar situations in Hawaii and when we lived in San Diego….then the naked man approaches you…sorry…but I started laughing out loud especially when he sat down….still laughing….weird but funny I must say! Thanks for sharing…great post!! 🙂

    1. It is a beautiful part of Australia, and I was so excited to see a whale breaching, but I didn’t get any pictures sadly. I would like to visit Hawaii, I bet it’s stunning. Did you go there for a holiday? It was weird, I was just there minding my own business and then he appears from the bushes behind! I laughed myself after I got over the shock of it! Thank you for your comment, I am happy it made you laugh 🙂

  2. Great post and tale – made me laugh!

    Our house in Australian is about an hour and a half south of Noosa – I know this area well.
    Noosa has changed so much in the last 20 or so years. All the “southerners” (Sydney-siders) arrived to buy up property when it was cheaper.

    1. I loved this area so much. The trails around the coast are just stunning. Yes, I can imagine it’s much more populated now, even when I went in 2008. Must get back there! 🙂

          1. I am planning Europe at the end of the year, so will probably be too late 🙁 Not to worry, am sure our paths will cross at some point 🙂

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