Van Gogh and Britain at Tate Britain

Van Gogh and Britain at Tate Britain

On the same day I walked from Millbank to Leicester Square, I attended the Van Gogh Exhibition at Tate Britain.

Taken from the leaflet that I picked up at the gallery – This exhibition is in two parts. The first looks at Van Gogh’s experience in London, the art and literature that caught his attention and its role in his journey as an artist. The second explores the impact of Van Gogh’s art and life on British artists up to the 1950s. The exhibition provides an opportunity to view artworks by Van Gogh afresh, to see British culture through his eyes and to see him through the eyes of British artists he inspired.

There were 9 rooms all dedicated to a specific part of Van Gogh’s life including living in London, his interest in black and white prints, moving to Paris, and continuing to paint throughout his mental illness. It was also interesting to see how his paintings inspired and influenced other painters after his death in 1890.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as I did. (Click the photos to see the full image)

My favourites are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Starry Night and one of his self-portaits.

Things to do in London
Things to do in London
Things to do in London

And, of course, it’s also good to get sneaky pictures of other people doing the same as me.

What are your favourite Van Gogh paintings?

I think the final word goes to the man himself;

Always continue walking a lot and loving nature for that’s the real way to learn to understand art better and better. Painters understand nature and love it, and teach us to see” – Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh, London 1874.

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