A Last Trip to the BACC

A Last Trip to the BACC

As you may have gathered, I am quite the culture vulture and when I lived in Bangkok, I used to go in search of it. My favourite place to go was the Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre or BACC.

I used to love the art and photographic exhibitions that were held there and just before I left Bangkok, in 2018, I took one last trip there.

On this particular day, I’d gone to see an art exhibition by Oleg Shuplyak called Imaginarium – check out his amazing paintings in the following posts..

Imaginarium by Oleg Shuplyak

Whatever exhibition was on, I loved wandering around the BACC looking at all the photos and paintings, but I also loved people watching. Lots of people, like me, went there to enjoy all the different types of creations.

There are 9 floors in the BACC, each with something different to see. It could be the main exhibit or other art and photography offerings on display.

There are also resident artists who have a space to work on pottery or painting.

And then there was me, watching, learning and absorbing everything around me.

I have written about my previous visits to the BACC and when I return to Bangkok on holiday, this will be one of the first places I visit.

Here are a few photos I have taken at the BACC in the past.

There are many more art galleries in Bangkok and I have loved them all!

I hope you enjoyed my artful reminiscing!

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