A Taste of Colombo’s Nightlife

A Taste of Colombo’s Nightlife

Knowing someone in the country you are visiting has its benefits. My Sri Lankan friend, Pubudu, had already taken us around Colombo for the day and he had taken me to a beach side restaurant for dinner. You get to go to places that you wouldn’t normally go to simply because you don’t know the places exist.

Pubudu and Me

So on the last Friday of our trip we arranged to have a night out in Colombo with Pubbs and his friends. We got a tuk-tuk to meet Pubbs at his work place and then we drove to Floor by O- a bar in Colombo’s district 7.

It is 1000 LKR (around 5 GBP) to get in, although ladies get in free. The entrance fee is taken off the bill at the end of the night and we found out that the reason they do this is because people were coming in and not buying anything.

It was quite busy when we got there so we had to sit outside on the pool terrace. We met up with Pubbs’ friends, Nuwan and Kurt, had a few drinks and dinner and then went inside to soak up some Sri Lankan atmosphere.

Floor by O

It is quite a small club but it was very busy, the music was banging and they had a band playing as well. Everyone was dancing and enjoying their Friday evening- while we watched what was going on from the bar until I found myself jigging along to “Achy Breaky Heart” (there is a first for everything, believe me!)

We left there around 11pm and went to another bar- Margarita Blue Retro Pub- which is located in the Galadari Hotel. Much plusher than the previous one with more of an older crowd, great music again with a band playing and great views from the garden terrace.

Margarita Blue
Margarita Blue

It is such a pleasure meeting new friends- Nuwan was great fun to be around- he was a great dancer (he told us he had dancing lessons but then his friends added only for ONE DAY, which made us all laugh). Having had a few too many drinks we left around 1am and got a tuk-tuk back to Mount Lavinia.

We had a great time with the guys- I can’t thank them enough for showing us a bit more of Colombo at night, and to Pubbs for being our designated driver (he was sick so not drinking) and being very patient with us all getting drunk around him.

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