Chutinit Coffee and Art

Chutinit Coffee and Art

So on my way to and from work every day I had spotted a new sign along Bangsaen Lang road that invites people in for breakfast- it has a sign out front with a picture of Thai food, pancakes and coffee. So at the weekend having ran out of breakfast stuff in my apartment I thought I would go and check it out and as it is literally next door I didn’t have far to go.

I went in the shop and I said that I wanted breakfast and asked if they have a menu. The owner, who I know now to be called May, said we don’t have a menu yet but we do bacon, egg, toast… I actually didn’t find out what else they have because I decided on egg and toast and coffee.
She didn’t ask me how I wanted my eggs so I was thinking that I may get a raw egg in a bowl with toast to dip in which I have been served before somewhere in Thailand but she did ask me if I wanted one or two to which I replied “one please” and make a gesture to mean that I wanted the egg on the toast. I needn’t have worried though it was a very tasty toasted egg sandwich with really lovely black coffee and a glass of water which they bring to you when you sit down.
The shop itself is small and has beautiful wooden furniture. A little area where they make the coffee and a kitchen out back. There are t-shirts hanging on a rail and a few hats which are for sale. And I noticed some really nice light shades and wondered where she had bought them. There is also free wi-fi and a television.

IMG_3032 IMG_3028
When I had finished my breakfast I asked her for the bill and she said 50 baht. I was pleasantly surprised. Normally a sandwich and coffee would be over 100 baht. I went back later that day and met May again and told her I was a travel writer and asked whether I could take some pictures. I didn’t know the name of the place when I had gone there earlier and she told me that it was Chutinit Coffee and Art. Art? I wondered, and she showed me the t-shirts and hats that I had noticed earlier- they were decorated with hand paintings all done by May. And the light shades-again beautifully painted by her. IMG_3029

IMG_3027 IMG_3030
Chutinit Coffee and Art is open Mon-Tues 8.30am-8pm and Thur-Sun 8.30am-8pm and they serve breakfast, lunch, coffee and other drinks. There is also a takeaway service.
I was glad I returned and met May properly. I wouldn’t never have known about the art she does. And a little research done on her Facebook page tells me that you can learn to paint and she offers cooking lessons as well. (Maybe I will have some painting lessons myself).
So if you are in the neighborhood pop in to Chutinit Coffee and Art-the staff will welcome you with open arms plus they do great coffee!

You can find Chutinit Coffee and Art at:
17/2 Bangsaen Lang Road

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      1. Was there in 1998. Spent time in Bangkok and Phuket mainly. The beauty of Phuket lives in my head. Anytime I sit to meditate I think of meditating on the beaches there. Truly magical. Have you always lived there?

        1. I have never been to Phuket. I have lived here since 2009 in the NE- a town called Surin. Then I went home to the UK for 2 years, moved to Bangsaen and am now living in Bangkok, which I love. Any plans to come back? 😉

  1. Hello Gill .. just saw you walking today under rain take care of your healthy.. Sweet dream tonight ^_^ xx

  2. Thank you too Gill…very welcome.. so lovely to knew you.. see you soon.. i hope can we know more time and each other ..Goodnight xx

  3. Thank you so much Gill.. you so lovely and i sure i like you so much as well.. before we met i saw you walk by the road in front of my shop every day..i thinking about you before.. how can i make’s friends with you.. OMG.. i lucky you came in my coffee shop so exciting so much not because i never talking to Europe peoples.. i was talking but not too good.. but really i saw you and like you before.. Thank you so much my lovely customer.. now i sure we ‘re already friends.. xxx

    1. Hi May, thanks for your comment and am glad you like my article.. I am glad I came in for breakfast at the weekend. I will come in again soon. I am going to Bangkok this weekend but will definitely see you soon 😉

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