Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

Firstly I must apologise for not posting anything for what seems like ages. In fact I just checked and, apart a post written a couple of weeks ago, the one prior to that was back in May. It’s not that I haven’t been writing because I have- a weekly diary of whatever the hell is going on in my head. I think the reason I haven’t posted anything is because I never want to come across as being negative when I am lucky enough to be living in this wonderful country.
So I shall condense what I have been up to and I promise not to be slack again!
One Weekend

Having started my new job I was feeling slightly better about everything, but still terribly homesick. I went for a swim and started the Insanity workout. There is a reason it is called Insanity- basically it’s completely insane. It’s all cardio but it gets faster and faster. I couldn’t keep up as I was so immobile and I found it hard to do some of the moves, but I am now two months in and have really improved. I feel fitter and can just about complete it all. I have even started to tag on a little 5 km run afterwards some days. And it’s working- I have lost nearly half a stone.


View of Laemtaen Cape
View of Laemtaen Cape

I also took myself off to Central Plaza in Chonburi as I needed to buy some more clothes for work, which I did, but I also came back with a DVD player and a fan. All the things I had in Surin which I now seem to be re-buying, but I don’t like the AC very much because it gives me a sore throat and I am constantly turning it on and off throughout the night. And I thought the DVD player would be a good investment as it will keep me amused in the evenings, although I have only watched one thing on it so far.
Good Day
My life in Bangsaen isn’t very exciting. Apart from the odd trip to Bangkok to see friends my weekends are pretty tame but these days I like tame (although I am always up for a little party). So one Saturday I took myself Big C to do some food shopping and went to the Saturday market to get some fruit and vegetables.
I went to put my laundry in (I told you it wasn’t exciting!) and walked to Beach Road to hire a bicycle for the day, which cost 100 baht (about 2GBP). Once I had done my chores I cycled to Sammuk Hill which is about 2 km away, falling off and grazing my knee on the way. I misjudged the kerb. I would have fallen down a drain if the cover had not been there!

On the way up to Sammuk Hill

I stopped a few times to take photos and on the way to the top I met a fellow cycler who said hello and told me the views at the top were better for photographs. So I followed him up but had to get off and walk as my bike didn’t have gears. When I got to the top the guy said he had just finished telling the fruit sellers that I was very good for cycling up the steep hill. I turned up pushing the bicycle, huffing and puffing and covered in sweat. This made everyone laugh. I took some photos and had to rescue my bike from the ground because a monkey had leapt on it and it had fallen over- at least I wasn’t on it this time!
I got back around 5pm and, having been out all day doing this and that, I had a shower and walked to the beach so I could take pictures of the sunset. Afterwards I ended up in my usual Saturday night restaurant for dinner and a few deserved wines.
So that day was a good, good day. I felt happy and contented.

Onwards and Upwards

The following week I had plans to go to Bangkok but woke up later than planned so I messed about on-line, did my workout, cleaned my room, shopping, and took some photographs on the beach followed by dinner and wines at my usual place but that day I felt so damn deflated again.

Maybe it is because I wasn’t as busy as the week before. I don’t know what’s wrong with me-one day I feel fine and another I feel fed up. Normally I am a positive and happy kind of girl. I live in Thailand for goodness sake and I can do that because I have no ties and I have taken it upon myself to choose to live a different life. But being away this time is taking longer to re-adjust. I think I spent too long at home- but if I hadn’t done that I would probably still be living in Surin. At least I am experiencing something new and meeting new people- and that should be what it’s all about, right?

All this was a few weeks ago and since then I have had a friend here so we have been meeting up and having dinner and beers quite a few times. I have discovered a couple of new places to eat and drink and we have been out to visit the reservoir, which is beautiful. I love living in Bangsaen, it’s such a beautiful little place and I like teaching the kids so everything is looking bright- onwards and upwards as they say.

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