J J Green

J J Green

I’ve never really been one for shopping and going to any sort of market, particularly in the evenings. I work in the evenings so any free time I get I like to relax with a glass of wine or two, and the suggestion of going to a night market makes me shudder. However, after a little persuasion from my friends and after much complaining from me, I arrive to said night market and realise that I actually love the place. Enter Jatujak Green Market, or JJ Green for short.

JJ Green, Bangkok

Located near Mo Chit BTS station, it’s easy to get to. Just cross Chatuchak Park and you’re there. Five minutes tops. JJ Green is a small but vibrant place full of stalls selling anything from retro t-shirts and vinyl CDs to vintage artwork and antiques. There are permanent shops, cafes and bars, and local sellers who just take up a space and display their goods in the car park. The items on sale are pretty cheap as well; I bagged myself a denim jacket for 150 baht.

It doesn’t take long to wander around, but the evening doesn’t end there. There are a few cool, hip bars to choose from where you can watch the world go by. It really is a great place to spend an evening. You’ll find yourself getting lost in the buzzing atmosphere.

JJ Green is open from Thursday to Sunday evenings, 5.00pm until midnight, although some of the bars stay open longer at the weekends.

Address: 1 Kamphaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak, Bangkok

Closest MRT: Chatuchak

Closest BTS: Mo Chit

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