No Photos – Just Memories

No Photos – Just Memories

Last year, I took the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Rotterdam Centraal.

If you have never travelled by this mode of transport before, you should (when we can go further than our front doors again). It’s such a lovely way to travel.

You have to check in around an hour before departure, no hanging around airport terminals for hours. You have to go through security, but you can take food and drinks onboard (a whole bottle of red for the journey!)

Then, all you need to do is enjoy the ride! Depending on the time of day, you get to enjoy the scenery as the train makes its way under the Channel and onwards through France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

It’s so relaxing, and when you arrive at your destination, you are smack-bang in the middle of the city, no need for airport transfers.

On this particular trip, I sat next to 3 young men who were off to Amsterdam on the stag weekend of the guy sitting opposite me. They must have been in their 20s.

They were all rather quiet and it was nice chatting with them. After we had pulled out of Brussels-Midi/Zuid, a bottle of Whiskey was produced from one of their backpacks.

I was merrily making my way through my bottle of wine, so when they starting playing “Never have I ever” I found myself involved in their game. If you don’t know, “Never have I ever” goes something like this…..You say “Never have I ever broken a bone,” for example, and everyone else who has broken a bone puts their hands up and drinks! It can get as risque or outlandish as you like!

By the time we arrived in Rotterdam, a couple sitting on the other side of the aisle were involved in our little game and the guys were all feeling the effects of the numerous Whiskey shots they had gulped down – it was all good fun.

By the time I left, Jack (one of the guys) had invited me to meet them in Amsterdam for a few drinks. As I got up to leave, Matt (the one who was getting married) jumped up, hugged me and said: “I can’t believe you’re leaving!” “It was so nice to meet you!” Ah, the Whiskey talking maybe, but it made me smile and realise what a great time you can end up having if you only speak to people.

After a weekend with Chris, I found myself in Amsterdam walking around with my camera. I stopped to have a beer by a canal and thought to myself “Do you know what, I am going to message Jack and see where they are.”

Jack replied with their location and I went to meet them.

What a great afternoon that was! I had a few drinks with them before parting company and going on my merry way. I smiled as I walked away. I had the pleasure of meeting them and was invited to be part of Matt’s stag weekend – just from saying “Hello!”

It’s the simple things in life that give the most delight!

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