Sometimes life is an up
Sometimes life is a down
But what you gonna do?
Will you smile or will you frown?

If you frown then you feel bad
And everything around seems bad
But if you smile, although it may take a while
Then you will see that you are free
To do things that others can only wish for
And smiling makes it seem alright

You have one life so make it count
Don’t sit and wonder of how things could be and doubt
If you want something bad enough
Whatever that may be
Reach out, Chase your dreams
Be whatever you want
You see…..

Dreaming big along with positivity goes a long way
Don’t let others get in your way
Don’t be scared to go your own path
And maybe one day…..??

Risk things- the worse that can happen is they don’t work out
So what? At least you have tried

Every person has life’s share of up’s and down’s
And it’s every person’s decision
Whether they smile or frown
Make the right decision 😉

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