The Changing Seasons – May 2020

The Changing Seasons – May 2020

The Changing Seasons post, hosted by Su at Zimmerbitch.

Still in lockdown, we had to find new ways to amuse ourselves and my brother Trev came home with his hair dyed blonde! I didn’t even notice at first! It was a shock, but I thought it suited him.

Things to do in lockdown
Hair dye number 1

We took to calling him Slim Shady. Now, will the real one please stand up!

Things to do in lockdown
The Real Slim Shady?

Trev then decided he was going to go one step further and dye his hair all the colours of the rainbow, so I ordered some hair dye. This is how it turned out. Rocking the rainbow bro, and his tribute to the NHS. Thank god it was temporary and washed out!

Things to do in lockdown
Hair dye number 2

The rest of May was all about the memories.

2008 saw me in Sydney where I spent the most amazing day at Circular Quay with one of my besties – Trudy.

Places to go in Australia
Sydney with Trudy

Back in 2010, I was in Thailand and I caught up with my good friends Doyle and Mel on Koh Tao as they travelled around the country.

Places to go in Thailand
Koh Tao with Doyle and Mel

In May 2014, Chris and I were out in Bangkok and we met Jesse for the first time at the bar. We ordered food from one of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok, sadly no longer there, and our new friend paid the bill.

In 2017, Chris and I went to a favourite hang out – Soi Nana – and had a few drinks in 23 Bar & Gallery, Cho Why and Wallflowers.

Places to go in Bangkok
A night on Soi Nana. Photo credit: Chris Wotton

Also in 2017, we were at another favourite – Le Café des Stagiaires. So many cool places to go in Bangkok. I wonder why I left sometimes!

Places to go in Bangkok
Nights out with Chris in Bangkok

Thank God for these memories, I can look back with a grin on my face.

Lastly, one of my images made it into the top 10% most voted in one of Viewbug’s regular competitions.

Photography in Bangkok
Top 10% most voted

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