What Does Art Mean To You?

What Does Art Mean To You?

I love art in all its forms. It means many things to many people – you may love it too or you may hate it – but, if you don’t mind, let’s delve into my mind and see what art is to me.

An appreciation of talent

Whether it’s a painting or a drawing, photography or sculpture or a multi-sensory experience like Van Gogh Alive, I have an appreciation of the artist’s talent. I can look and imagine how their ideas have morphed onto the canvas. There are so many artists and a few of my favourites are Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Oleg Shuplyak – each one different, but their creations are all equally fabulous. I can really appreciate their creative foresight, being able to see in their mind’s eye what the finished article will look like.

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Van Gogh Alive – London


Art is learning. I choose what to go and see, not always because I know who the artist is, sometimes I don’t, but it’s the subject matter I am mostly interested in – city views, art movements like Baroque, Impressionism or Surrealism, illusion art and many more. I can learn more about these topics as I read the exhibit titles. I am then drawn to the artists themselves and can learn about their lives in books or the internet.

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Opera Omnia – Bangkok

There is a story to tell

There is usually a story to tell in art. Some art is more than a little distressing (Beyond the Air We Breathe). Some are obvious in their message, some are not, and it takes a while before you realise what the artists are trying to convey. Art is a powerful way to get the message across!

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Beyond the Air We Breathe – Bangkok


Art creates excitement. Not knowing what I’ll find until I see it with my own eyes. Then, looking at the photos or paintings, taking in all the details – the brush strokes, the colours, the textures, the painting as a whole – I feel joy and realise I am smiling!

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Oleg Shuplyak – Imaginarium, Bangkok


There are many things that inspire people and art is one of those things. It might inspire you to use the same colours in a different way or think of a new way to use the same subject. Art simply inspires me to be more creative in my life. Inspiration feels like a burst of energy and I feel motivated to put my ideas into action.

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My creations


When I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, I pick up my paint brush and paint! Concentrating on what I am doing and getting into the flow state makes me forget why I am stressed and helps me keep my mental wellbeing in check.

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Relaxation in Art

What does art mean to you?

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