Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

As you enter Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), you may wonder whether you will be able to find your way out. There are many narrow alleyways twisting this way and that, the only thing to do is just wander!

As you walk, make sure you look all around you and upwards in case you miss anything – the buildings are stunning and there is a mix of old and new everywhere.

Next to the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi, on Placa de Sant Josep Oriol, a lively craft market was underway.

Things to do in Barcelona

And here is the basílica in all her glory.

Things to do in Barcelona

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar stands proud and has been since the 14th century.

People are making a beeline for the centre of the Gothic Quarter and pass the Chapel of Santa Agata on the way.

Arguably the main attraction is the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona

I don’t very often enter any of the buildings I seek out, but I know the inside of a cathedral is home to lots of paintings so, for once, I walked towards the door. I had chosen a day when there was a service going on, so no tourists were allowed in, but I made out I wasn’t one and the guy could see I was alone, so he let me in. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed, but trust me, the cathedral itself was stunningly beautiful and the paintings just added to its beauty.

Next, to Placa del Rei, a lovely medieval square. The steps are, allegedly, where Christopher Columbus met King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella after he came back from his first exploration.

Despite Barcelona being a busy city, there are still pockets that are less crowded.

And lovely little plazas to stop and rest a while.

I loved Barcelona and I loved exploring the Barri Gotic. I can’t wait to go back.

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