A Guide to Nature in Bangkok

A Guide to Nature in Bangkok

When you think of Bangkok, you might imagine high-rise buildings, long traffic jams, millions of people all going about their day, and noise on every corner. And you’re right – it’s all of these things. What if I were to tell you that there are places, not at all far from all the commotion, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, away from the madding crowds, the gorgeous trees and flowers, and the resident wildlife? Let’s see where the nature is in Bangkok.

Bang Pu Nature Reserve

Located in Samut Prakan, lies Bang Pu Nature Reserve – a great little spot where you can go bird-watching and where the locals go to feed the huge flocks of seagulls at the end of the pier.

It’s fun to walk along the elevated walkways through the mangroves with great views of the mudflats and out over the Gulf of Thailand. There’s even a birding hide where you can sit and wait for all the different species that can be found there.

Ancient City

Also in Samut Prakan is Muang Boran – or Ancient City, an open-air museum in the shape of Thailand and covering some 200 acres. The park is full of trees, plants, lakes, decorative bridges, and statues of buildings that can be found all over Thailand, some of which no longer exist.

The best way to see it is to hire a golf buggy or you can cycle round it but, be warned, it is very hot, so you need to take lots of water and wear sunscreen. There are places to buy refreshments in different parts of the park. It’s a really fabulous place to get out into the fresh air where you can learn about some of Thailand’s history.

Chulachomklao Fort

Chulachomklao Fort is in Phra Samut Chedi District, around 29 km south of Bangkok. It’s a bit of a trek getting there, but it’s fun trying to find your own way there!

There’s lots to explore – a gun park and a bunker with disappearing guns. There’s a statue of King Rama V which stands at the front of the fort and you can also board the huge military ship – H.T.M.S Maeklong – which was used during WWII. Nearby, there is a mangrove forest where you can see the mudflats and critters that live there. You can also meet the resident monkeys who pay no attention to you whatsoever as they chase each other along the boardwalks.

Green Lung of Bangkok

The green lung of Bangkok is the nickname for Bang Krachao, a conservation area located in Phra Pradaeng district, located just across the river from Bangna.

There are orchards, gardens, and forests to explore and the best way to see it all is by bicycle. You can cycle to Bang Nampueng floating market where you can buy and try traditional Thai food. Not too far away is Sri Nakhon Khuankhan botanical gardens, full of tropical trees and flowers, a large pond and several walking and cycling paths. Many people go there to enjoy the nature and relaxed surroundings.

Forest in the City

Pa Nai Krung or forest in the city, is located near Suvarnabhumi airport. It’s a beautiful area created to raise awareness of how important the preservation of forest areas is to the environment and where you can learn about forest ecosystems.

There are some 250 native trees, plants and shrubs and a sky-walk and observation tower where you can get fabulous views of the surrounding area.

King Rama 9 Park

There are plenty of parks in Bangkok, but King Rama 9 park is the biggest, covering around 200 acres and there are 2,300 plant species and loads of trees for shade on a sunny day. There is plenty of wildlife to encounter too and many photographic opportunities to be had.

The park is split into six different areas, all with different varieties of plants and trees. Many people go to this park as the sun goes down to enjoy the fresh air and the greenery.

Lumpini Park

Right in the middle of the city, Lumpini Park is a wonderful place to relax if you are out and about. It has a lake, many species of trees and flowers and around 30 species of birds.

This is another popular place for people to go in the evenings to relax after work or to do their daily exercise.

So, if you happen to be in Bangkok, I thoroughly recommend any of these places, especially King Rama 9 park – that was my favourite place to go when I lived there.

What nature is close to your city? 🙂

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